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Pilot ED Unit PCCell EDM/EDBM

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PCCell.technical info:
Batch unit with 0.5 - 1 sqm membrane area
Size (whd): 1700 x 1680 (2000) x 800 mm.
Active membrane area: 0.5 - 1 sqm.
Power Connector: 400 V 50 Hz.
Batch volumes: 30 l.
Electrolyte tank volume: 30 l.
Processing capabilities:  
Product flows: 50 - 200 l / h.
Current through cell: max 38 A (optional: max ?? A).
Standard features:  
PCCell PC Frontend with process control and data looging to your computer.
pH and conductivity measurement.
Pneumatic valves with automatic batch processing.
automatic dosing of chemicals to maintain pH or conductivity.


Typical configuration: The PCCell EDBM pilot units operates a ED Q380 stack with bipolar membranes and comprises three solvent circuits plus electrolyte circuit. The PCCell EDM comprises one more solvent circuit to perform salt metathesis (EDM).


Application profile:
The unit is operated by our PC Frontend and handles typically 30 L batches. End points can be determined automatically and combined with our pneumatic valves, small industrial production batches can be performed.

Please mail us to request an offer under e.cells pccell.de or use our request form.

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