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Electrolysis cell with open cathode compartment

This lab scale electrolyzer was designed to perfom electrolysis processes with ion exchange resin filled chambers, to deposit metals on the cathode (how does it look?) and removing of the anion over a membrane and processes like this.

Electrolysis cell for production of chlorine and aqueous desinfection solutions

This cell is designed to perform two chamber electrolysis experiments and small scale productions. All common avialable separators may be used.
It may also be used as a on-site production cell. Imax=16 A.

Electrolysis Cell 
PCCell 58 0 00
with open cathode compartment Electrolysis
Cell ED 58 6 00
for Chlorine production

Membrane size:100 x 100 mm.
Active membrane area: 58 cm2 per membrane.
Processing lenght: 68 mm.
Cell thickness: 0.5, 2.0 or 5.0 mm.
Electrodes: Anode Pt/Ir- coated Ti stretched metal
Electrode housing material: PP
Cathode: Standard: Stainless Steel

Typical configuration: The cell is delivered with open cathode compartment.

Application examples: A typical application is the recycling of etching solution. Wheter it is a iron chloride / hydrochloric acid soltuion or a stainless steel etching bath containing iron, nickel and chromium nitrate / fluoride mixtures, the cell may split it into fresh acid and metal deposit. See an example

Application examples: A typical application is the production of chlorine or bromine. If it is produced at high concentrations, a perflourinated cation exchange membrane is used.
of table salt
If an aqueous solution of chlorine is required, our special separator might be used.
Its unique properties allow to produce an desinfectant wich is not as acidic as a perflourinated membrane would be.

Please mail us to request an offer under e.cells pccell.de or use our request form.

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