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Laboratory Scale Electrodialysis Cell PCCell 64 0 04

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View of an electrodialysis cell.
Type PCCell ED 64 0 04
PCCell.technical info:
Three and Four Chamber Electrodialysis Cell
Membrane size: 110 x 110 mm.
Active membrane area: 64 sqcm per membrane.
Processing length: 80 mm.
Cell thickness: 0.5 mm.
Number of cell pairs: up to 20.
Anode: Pt/Ir- coated Titanium.
Cathode: V4A Steel.
Electrode housing material: Polypropylene.
Optional features:  
Electrodialysis reversal (EDR).
All medium contacting materials food proof.


Typical configuration: 5 quad pairs with standard anion and cation exchange membranes with 1.280 sqcm.


Application profile: The electrodialysis unit PCCell ED 64004 allows to carry out several expressive experiments for a variety of applications, to examine the characteristics of the PCA ion exchange membranes as well as those of other manufacturers. It is concepted as an easy to manage, for many purposes usable laboratory-cell. The laboratory datas collected with this unit can be used for scale-up and for the conception for pilot systems. So this unit is designed to lead from first laboratory experiments to industrial application.

This unit can be used for ED, EDR, EDBM and salt-metathesis.

Please mail us to request an offer under e.cells pccell.de or use our request form.

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