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Pilot Scale Electrodialysis Cell PCCell Q380

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View of an electrodialysis cell.
Type PCCell ED Q380
PCCell.technical info:
Two Chamber Electrodialysis Cell
Membrane size: 250 x 250 mm.
Active membrane area: 380 sqcm per membrane.
Processing length: 20 mm.
Spacer thickness: 0.32 mm (chemical process).
Number of cell pairs: up to 60.
Anode: Pt/Ir- coated Titanium.
Cathode: V4A Steel.
Electrode housing material: Polypropylene.
Optional features:  
Electrodialysis reversal (EDR).
All medium contacting materials food proof.


Typical configuration: 10 cell triplets for EDBM with bipolar membranes, standard anion and cation exchange membranes and total membrane area of 1,2 square meters


Application profile: The ED Q380 is intended to perform bipolar electrodialysis and salt metathesis in pilot and small industrial scale.

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