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Equipment for Electrodialysis

Electrodialysis cells and modules

We offer (almost) all you need to perform electrodialysis to you. From the membranes over the stack, the power supply, wiring, to the pumps to bring the process solution into the ED cell.
PCCell offers the equipment necessary to perform professional ED research and development as well as laboratory production, pilot scale production and small industrial sized electrodialyzers.
The laboratory cells are designed to be used in process labs as well as at research and university institutes to screen new processes or process conditions in experiments carried out with PCA or other membranes.



PCCell.Products.Laboratory Scale:
Laboratory ED Systems

Bench scale ED Systems

PCCell offers bench scale laboratory electrodialysis systems adaptable according to your project requirements: Common setup examples for laboratory uses can be realised basing on our microBED platform or our BED1 or BED2 scaled systems.

The PCCell BED1 series comprises bench scale laboratory electrodialysers for standard ED (BED1-2) as well as for EDM and EDBM (BED1-3 and BED1-4).
PCCell BED2 bench scale ED system for standard ED for the ED 200 cell. Can handle up to 2 mē membrane area.
  Pump unit for pilot Electrodialysis stacks Our Bench scale electrodialyzers are designed to be used in laboratory and small pilot scale applications to perform electrodialysis processes in the most freely configurable way.
The pump unit serves the stack with the processing liquids and can be operated by manual control in a classic way.
The Micro-BED system is intended to handle small sample volumes (typically 50 mL) and small membrane areas for membrane charactersiation.

The system can be step- by step upgraded according to your requirement and budet up to a completely automatic operating system, controlled by your desktop PC.
Typical configurations suitable for common tasks in research and development teams are collected in this brouchure. PCCell will be pleased to configure these standard configurations to the requirements of your team.

PCCell Laboratory Electrodialysis Cells

Micro - ED for small sample (30-50 ml) treatment .
PCCell ED 64 0 02 for standard Electrodialysis and EDR
PCCell ED 64 0 04 for ED, EDR, EDBM and salt metathesis
PCCell ED 64 EDI for production of pure water
PCCell ED 200 for the treatment of batches of 2 - 5 l.
  Laboratory Electrodialysis 
Cell Series 
PCCell ED 64  The PCCell ED 64 series are ED-Cell units for screening new batch mode electrochemical processes at laboratory scale.
The typical desalination capacity is approximately 135 g NaCl per hour at 1.0 kA/m2.

Laboratory Electrolysis Cell Series

PCCell EL 124

Electrolysis cell 
PCCell EL 124, EL 320


Electrolysis cell 
PCCell ED 64 OCC

The EL series (EL mini, EL 124, EL 320) are small two chamber electrolyser cells . They are designed to produce chlorine or bromine with a perflourinated cation exchange membrane or to produce a desinfectant solution for desinfection application with a special cation exchange membrane separator see datasheet .

The lab scale electrolyzer PCCell ED 64 OCC comprises an open cathode chamber and is designed to screen electrolysis processes with one, two three or four chambers under study.
The standard method is to deposit metals on its open cathode; optionally, a closed system can be used. Both processes with filled cells (ion exchange resins or others) and with thin ED-like cells can be studied (see an example).


PCCell.Products.Industrial Scale:
Pilot and Industrial Scale ED Modules and Systems
Modules Type
PCCell ED Q380 for EDM and EDBM in pilot scale
PCCell ED 1000 H for batch desalination processes

Pilot scale and small industrial scale
Cell Series
PCCell ED 1000
Small industrial scale Electrodialysis Cell Series
These ED cell units carry typically 20 sqm active membrane area and can be used for small industrial scale applications as well as pilot applications.
PCCell ED 1100 an even more compact standard ED cell
PCCell ED 1000 A for continuous desalination processes
PCCell ED 1600 for batch desalination processes
PCCell ED 2500 for batch desalination processes

industrial scale
Cell Series
PCCell ED 2500
Our Industrial Scale Electrodialysis Cell Series
comprises the ED 1600, ED 2500 and ED 4000 cell series.
Our spacer system allows to operate without hydraulic screwing and provides very seal stacks. The spacer material can be provided for food contact allowing use in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Pilot and small industrial scale ED Systems

ED and EDR pilot / small industrial scale systems
PCCell P05
PCCell P10/20 manual operated or automatically layouted pilot units.
manual EDR-option

Pilot scale and small industrial scale
Cell Series
PCCell ED 1000
Small industrial scale Electrodialysis Cell Series
This ED cell units carry up to 20 sqm active membrane area and can be used for small industrial scale applications as well as pilot applications.
EDM and EDBM pilot systems
PCCell EDM a pilot system for EDM and EDBM with up to 2 mē active membrane area.

PCCell's automatisation concept of ED processes

automatisation of ED
The ED Data Acquisition module is a module for laboratory ED systems, connecting the data of your ED module to your desktop PC.
Pilot unit automatisation package allows to control your ED sytem by a PC frontend and configure a wide range of process scenarios for autonomuous/semiautonomuous operation of batch sequences


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