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Laboratory Electrodialysis Cell Series

For screening of new electrochemical processes in the batch mode in laboratory scale.

The PCCell ED 64 series is specially designed for laboratory application assessment studies to evaluate process conditions and to compare the performace of different membranes ("Plug and Play").
With its active membrane area of 64 cm 2 per membrane, the cell is designed to handle 2-5 l laboratory batches.
The flow characteristics within the cell are related to those in technical plants, to obtain data relevant for the planning of pilot processes. The system is designed for fast and easy screening of different process conditions with several membrane types. Typical applications range from the reconcentration of acid from rinsing solutions over the fermentation broth workup for lactic acid to the salt metathesis between calcium gluconate and hydrochloric acid.

Two Chamber Electrodialysis Cell

Three or Four Chamber Electrodialysis Cell

Two Chamber 
Electrodialysis Cell 
ED 64002

Four Chamber 
Electrodialysis Cell
ED 64004

Two repeating chamber systems (concentrate and diluate).
For general desalination and reconcentration application.
Typical configuration: 5 or 10 cell pairs with standard anion and cation exchange membranes

Up to four repeating chamber systems (two different concentrates and two different diluates or one acid chamber, one base chamber and a salt cell).
For salt metathesis and bipolar membrane electrodialysis processes.
Typical configuration: 5 quad pairs with standard anion and cation exchange membranes


  • Minimum Effective Membrane Area: 0,012 m2.
  • Maximum Effective Membrane Area: 0,25 m2.
  • Active membrane area: 64 sqcm per membrane
  • Intermembrane gap: 0,5 mm.
  • Spacer: Silicone/Polyester or Silicone/PVDF.
  • Membrane size:110 x 110 mm.
  • Current Connectors for cable with 4 mm Banana plugs

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