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PCCell Micro BED System

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PCCell Micro BED System
PCCell.technical info:
Batch unit with 40 - 80 sqcm membrane area
Size (whd): 660 x 480 x 580 mm.
Active membrane area: 40 - 80 sqcm.
Power Connector: 230 V 50/60 Hz.
Batch volumes: 50 ml.
Electrolyte tank volume: 50 ml.
Processing capabilities:  
Product flows: 0.5 - 1 l / h.
Current through cell: max. 10 A (short time) 12 A (software limit).
Standard features:  
PCCell PC Frontend with process control and data looging to your computer.
pH and conductivity measurement.
Optional features:  
EOP Measurement System.
automatic dosing of chemicals to maintain pH or conductivity
PCCell EoP measurement setup


Application: You can use the micro BED System for membrane testing: The very small membrane area allows thoroughly testing of membrane properties with small membranes: Effective current efficiencies and electroosmotic water transfers can be determined accurately and fast.
If you have very small samples, this unit is also a valuable tool because of its very small batch volumes.


Application example: One of the important features is the computerised testing of water cotransfer basing on our ED controlling platform . Please refer to our description of electrodialysis to learn more about transport of water in ion exchange membranes.

Please mail us to request an offer under e.cells pccell.de or use our request form.

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