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Electrodialysis Systems

  • Laboratory Electrodialyzers

  • ED 64 002: The Lab-Scale Standard Electrodialyzer

  • ED 64 004: The Lab-Scale Salt Metathesis and Bipolar Electrodialysis Cell

  • ED 200: The Lab-Scale production Cell

  • Laboratory Electrolyzers

  • Electrolysis Application Example

  • Material Property Data Sheet PC SEP

  • Laboratory electrodialysis systems and tools

  • BED1 : The laboratory standard pump units

  • Small industrial scale Electrodialyzers

  • ED 1000 H: The small industrial scale standard electrodialyzer

  • ED 1000 A: The small industrial scale continuous electrodialyzer

  • Pilot units

  • P05: Pilot unit with 5 square meter active membrane area

  • P10/20: Pilot unit with 10 - 40 square meter active membrane area

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